Extracting a Knowledge Base of Mechanisms from COVID-19 Papers

Tom Hope*, Aida Amini*, David Wadden, Madeleine van Zuylen, Eric Horvitz, Roy Schwartz, and Hannaneh Hajishirzi
NAACL  2021

Tl;DR: To navigate the collection of COVID19 papers from different domains, we present a KB of mechanisms relating to COVID19, to support domain-agnostic search and exploration of general activities, functions, influences and associations in these papers.

Scaling Creative Inspiration with Fine-Grained Functional Facets of Product Ideas

Tom Hope, Ronen Tamari, Hyeonsu Kang, Daniel Hershcovich, Joel Chan, Aniket Kittur, and Dafna Shahaf
preprint  2021

Tl;DR: Repositories of products or scientific papers offer an opportunity for creating automated systems that assist users in discovering inspirations and solutions. We propose a novel computational representation of ideas with fine-grained functional facets and use it to help problem-solvers search for id... eas and discover creative inspirations.

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Modelling kidney disease using ontology: insights from the Kidney Precision Medicine Project

Edison Ong*, Lucy Lu Wang*, J. Schaub, J. O’Toole, Becky Steck, A. Rosenberg, Frederick Dowd, J. Hansen, L. Barisoni, Sanjay Jain, I. D. de Boer, M. T. Valerius, S. Waikar, Christopher Park, and 14 more...
Nature Reviews Nephrology  2020

Tl;DR: An important need exists to better understand and stratify kidney disease according to its underlying pathophysiology in order to develop more precise and effective therapeutic agents. National collaborative efforts such as the Kidney Precision Medicine Project are working towards this goal through... the collection and integration of large, disparate clinical, biological and imaging data from patients with kidney disease. Ontologies are powerful tools that facilitate these efforts by enabling…

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Ontology Alignment in the Biomedical Domain Using Entity Definitions and Context

Lucy Lu Wang, Chandra Bhagavatula, Mark Neumann, Kyle Lo, Christopher Wilhelm, and Waleed Ammar
BioNLP  2018

Tl;DR: This ontology matcher can be used to generate alignments between entities in two biomedical ontologies. The matcher uses entity definitions and usage context retrieved from the Semantic Scholar corpus to assist in entity matching.

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